NEW REWRITE: HAYMAKERS OF TRUTH ! Be advised, CNN/Fox/Internet News,All of them, and, the President, are trying to stereotype criticism of the Press as being ” Right-Wing ” and pro- Trump/ Republican………They all continue to mislead us from the truth, and, divide the population…….. …….Whoever has purchased and controls all the media conduits we are exposed to, has used their advantages to dilute,destroy, and hide the truth, and, does not practice true journalism, nor is a ‘watchdog of democracy’. Since the 70’s, the news product has slowly been cheapened with frivolous news and graphics, woven with fun and psychological paranoia suggestions ……………………The journalist who get the jobs,columns, shows, are there because they throw powder-puffs, or, they agitate unfairly (Remember, it is not ALL bad, these guys will throw us some bones of truth now and then) They all believe (or play) the “this side versus that side” game. ALL fail to see the cause of the problems around them……… This is also why we see a ” youth movement” in journalism, and society- because,when a person has not experienced the decades go by, and has not witnessed, in real time, the political or propaganda plans designed to unravel over a 20-30-40 year time-horizon, they do not understand important things and events………. Print newspapers and magazines, and journalism itself, are purposely committing suicide ( with over-pricing, child-like content, little information, and the help of corporate chain-stores not even carrying product), this allows digital to dominate society, and makes censorship and forgeries, and lies, and smears, an easy and untraceable activity…….. Tomorrow : ” How The Automobile Lifestyle, Infrastructure, And Modern City-Design And Architecture, Profoundly Changes The Personality Of Individuals And Society, For The Worse “

Observe the medias you see today, how they anoint political power to various individuals ( and organizations), by simply mentioning their names, or, by airing their quotes, and, repeatedly showing us photos and footage of them. Out of nothing, they can create fame, and the people will buy it………… Why do we buy it ? Because we have never been told or educated about the Psychological Science of Media, Advertising, and Propaganda………… There is a reason we have never seen a documentary or news report on this most important and interesting subject. That simple fact, a common denominator, convicts them of their ill motives…….. ……Note: These media/politic tricks are played all over the world, each according to the local traditional ways of dividing their inhabitants; by skin color or by political ideas or by nationality or by religion or by tribe or by generation. Flim-Flam game it is ! And no elected official nor journalist is on record of saying what I say now.

How about a citizen lawsuit against CNN,Fox,ABC,NBC,CBS,NPR,A.M. Radio, PBS,Disney,Microsoft/Yahoo/Google/Facebook/ etc. News, and ALL Print/Digi newspapers (including alts), and, the Politicians, of all parties ( whom where/are made, and, broken, by the media’s selected coverage of them.)……… Shame on these reporters, news organizations, and, their owners and boards, and,also, the President, who fail to inform of, and, question, the de facto monopoly, and, incitement of violence, published by them, for generations….. All is vile garbage, and the 17 percent increase in hate crimes, and most of societies problems, are their fault……….If they say their views and stories and images do not change people’s minds, then why do they sell advertising space ?

Look For “The Greatest Slide-Show Presentation Ever Seen By Mankind” In Your Area, Soon! Help Wanted: Need someone who can play Kettle Drums, and also a Cellist. No hacks,please! Also, need someone who can do a Howard Cossell ( famous sports announcer) impersonation for presentation video.

Intelligent Geometric Location Of The Famous Cartwheel Galaxy, And, It’s Geometric Fit With Old Jerusalem Wall And Map Of Holy Sites : Note Gold Oval Of Galaxy Touches Dome Of Rock, Aligns With Jesus’s Sepulcher Site And Star

cartwheel galaxy 2